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Class CKEDITOR.ui.dialog.textarea

Extends CKEDITOR.ui.dialog.labeledElement.
Defined in: plugins/dialogui/plugin.js.

Class Summary
Constructor Attributes Constructor Name and Description
CKEDITOR.ui.dialog.textarea(dialog, elementDefinition, htmlList)
A text area with a label on the top or left.
Fields borrowed from class CKEDITOR.ui.dialog.labeledElement:
Methods borrowed from class CKEDITOR.ui.dialog.labeledElement:
getLabel, setLabel
Methods borrowed from class CKEDITOR.ui.dialog.uiElement:
accessKeyDown, accessKeyUp, disable, enable, focus, getDialog, getElement, getInputElement, getValue, isChanged, isEnabled, isFocusable, isVisible, registerEvents, selectParentTab, setValue
Events borrowed from class CKEDITOR.ui.dialog.uiElement:
Class Detail
CKEDITOR.ui.dialog.textarea(dialog, elementDefinition, htmlList)
Since: 3.0
A text area with a label on the top or left.
{CKEDITOR.dialog} dialog
Parent dialog object.
{CKEDITOR.dialog.definition.uiElement} elementDefinition
The element definition. Accepted fields:
  • rows (Optional) The number of rows displayed. Defaults to 5 if not defined.
  • cols (Optional) The number of cols displayed. Defaults to 20 if not defined. Usually overridden by skins.
  • default (Optional) The default value.
  • validate (Optional) The validation function.
{Array} htmlList
List of HTML code to output to.

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