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Class CKEDITOR.dom.comment

Extends CKEDITOR.dom.node.
Defined in: core/dom/comment.js.

Class Summary
Constructor Attributes Constructor Name and Description
CKEDITOR.dom.comment(comment, ownerDocument)
Represents a DOM comment node.
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$, removeCustomData
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Class Detail
CKEDITOR.dom.comment(comment, ownerDocument)
Since: 3.0
Represents a DOM comment node.
var nativeNode = document.createComment( 'Example' );
var comment = CKEDITOR.dom.comment( nativeNode );
var comment = CKEDITOR.dom.comment( 'Example' );
{Object|String} comment
A native DOM comment node or a string containing the text to use to create a new comment node.
{CKEDITOR.dom.document} ownerDocument Optional
The document that will contain the node in case of new node creation. Defaults to the current document.
Method Detail
{Undefined} getOuterHtml()
Since: 3.0

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