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In an effort to speed up the CKEditor localization process and make it easier and more intuitive for our translators to create and maintain different localizations we have decided to set up the CKEditor UI Translation Center on Transifex. Transifex is an online platform that allows projects to make use of community-based translations, providing suitable resource management tools as well as a user-friendly browser-based interface.

No matter if you are a first-time Transifex user or a seasoned translator, a fresh CKEditor fan or a long time user, feel free to join us, contribute to existing translations or create new ones in an effort to make it easier for people from around the world to use their favorite editor in their native language!

Useful Links

CKEditor Localization Project Structure

The CKEditor UI Translation Center on Transifex includes a list of language resources that can be translated. These include both CKEditor core file and plugin language files. Please note that as of CKEditor 4 the core resource contains only a handful of common entries and plugin files are crucial for a complete localization experience.

CKEditor Localization Team Structure

You will find the following roles among the contributors of the CKEditor localization project on Transifex:

  • Project maintainers – CKSource staff that manage the project and have full administration permissions.
  • Teams – groups of people that take care of specific localizations, like the Hebrew team, the German team, the Spanish team and so on. Each team consists of one or more persons that perform either of the following roles:
    • Team coordinator – usually the creator of the team or a more advanced translator; a user who can manage the team and review submitted translations.
    • Team member – a translator of CKEditor into a given language.

CKEditor Localization Documentation

The localization process of CKEditor is described in a few sections of the documentation page, namely:

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