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When you work in a shared environment managed by CKFinder, where dozens or even hundreds of users are working on the same files at the same time, it may happen that some changes are being introduced by others to the files or folders that you are processing or viewing at any given moment.

This is where the Refresh option might come to the rescue. This feature lets you reload the contents of a folder and see its most current state. Whenever you need to see the updated file list, click the Refresh button from the CKFinder Toolbar.

Refresh button in the CKFinder toolbar

This feature is particularly useful if you are using CKFinder as collaborative software, sharing files and folders with friends, family, colleagues, or any other group of users. In order to ensure that you always see the most current version of the content managed by CKFinder, you might want to occasionally refresh the files list to update it.

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