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The Toolbar is a dedicated section at the top of the CKFinder interface. It contains a series of menu buttons that can be clicked in order to give you access to various file browser features.

This is what the standard CKFinder toolbar looks like:

CKFinder Toolbar

Using the Toolbar

In order to perform an operation assigned to a button, click the button once. In most cases it will either immediately perform some predefined action or open a drop-down panel with further configuration options for a feature.

Remember that the toolbar can also be used with your keyboard. To enter the toolbar, use the Alt+F10 keyboard shortcut. To move to the next or previous button, use the Right Arrow and Left Arrow keys, respectively. To activate a selected toolbar button, press Enter or Space.

Toolbar Buttons

The following is the list of buttons available in the standard toolbar:

  • Upload – opens the Upload Pane that can be used to add new files to the current folder.
  • Refresh – reloads the list of files in the Files Pane.
  • Settings – opens the Settings Pane where you can configure and personalize CKFinder.
  • Help – opens this User's Guide.
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