CKEditor for Joomla! Uninstallation

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CKEditor for Joomla! extenstion can be unistalled at any time by using the Joomla! Extension Manager. Follow the steps described below to remove CKEditor from your Joomla! website.

Step 1: Extension Manager

Enter the Administration section of your Joomla! website and open the Extension Manager.

Joomla! Administration section with the Extension Manager

Select Manage to open the Extension Manager: Manage section.

Joomla! Extension Manager

Step 2: Find CKEditor Component

The list of all Joomla! components and plugins is quite long, so to make things quicker, use the Filter text field to limit the list. Enter "CKEditor" in the Filter field and click the Search button to apply the filter.

Joomla! component filter in the Extension Manager

Step 3: Uninstall CKEditor

The list contains two items — the component and the plugin. Choose the CKEditor component by selecting the checkbox next to it and click the Uninstall button from the Extension Manager menu.

CKEditor component uninstallation in Joomla!

CKEditor will now be automatically uninstalled. On successful uninstallation a confirmation message will be displayed.

Message confirming CKEditor uninstallation

You can install the latest version of CKEditor again at any time by following the steps described in the CKEditor for Joomla! Installation article.

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