About the Open Development Effort

This website contains links to software which is either no longer maintained or will be supported only until the end of 2019 (CKFinder 2). For the latest documentation about current CKSource projects, including software like CKEditor 4/CKEditor 5, CKFinder 3, Cloud Services, Letters, Accessibility Checker, please visit the new documentation website.

If you look for an information about very old versions of CKEditor, FCKeditor and CKFinder check also the CKEditor forum, which was closed in 2015. If not, please head to StackOverflow for support.

The Open Development Effort (ODE) is the attempt to expand the development of V3 to the public in all its levels: discussions, research, design, coding, documentation, integration and sponsorship. The FCKeditor team will be in touch with people from all around the world, specialized on many different technology aspects, ensuring that all important arguments are being considered before and during the project development.


Open Source Software development usually looks for contributors in the coding phase mainly, especially for bug fixing. The design phase is usually restricted to a small group of contributors, those who started the project, mainly when talking about "start from scratch" projects.

We have been working on FCKeditor for five years, growing up with the development of new ways of coding and advanced ways of browsing. We are specialized and we want to continue in this trend.

The market is looking for the definitive solution in browser based editing. We did a great job so far with FCKeditor, making it the most used editor out there. But, there are still too many gaps and imperfections to be addressed. We are aware about our weaknesses.

In the other hand, at the same time we see the birth of other projects proposing the same old problems. Our intention is converging efforts to the right way to go, not fragmenting further the market.

We decided to face all those challenges and restart from scratch, using our accumulated experience to propose the so desired solution. We know how to do it, so its time to move things.

Who can participate?

Anyone, really. Actually, there are several levels of participation and importance. Quality contributors get important to the project during time, but certainly every single opinion has enormous value.

Go ahead throwing your thoughts. We are definitely open to hear from you.

Tip: don't get it bad if one of your suggestions is rejected. Take the opportunity to learn from it, and propose more, considering these previous experiences.

How to participate?

There are several channels available and awaiting contributions. As much shared information, as better.

  • IRC Channel: Join the #fckeditor channel at freenode to discuss "face to face" with other contributors and core developers. This is the main channel for live communications.
  • Developers Mailing List (subscribe): the e-mail based way to talk.
  • Forum: A dedicated Forum is available for the V3 development.
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