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Internet (the Web) vs Paper

Writing in FCKeditor is as simple as writing on desktop text editors, like Microsoft Word, or Open Office. There is an important difference to be considered though.

Desktop word processors are used to create printed (or printed like) content, limited in physical pages. FCKeditor instead, is usually used to create text to be published on Internet, and to be read by using web browsers. This is an important thing to consider and keep in mind.

The most important thing to consider are:

  • On Internet, pages have no physical limits. They can grow infinitely.
  • The same content can look different on different computers, or different web browsers. Text lines can contain more or less words, depending on the computer features and configurations.
  • User with visual or motorial disabilities may want to read your texts. Keep it in mind, and look on ways to better satisfy their particular needs.
  • Web sites and their pages have severe technical limits. They are created by programmers, using different "computer languages". Those "languages" are powerful on many aspects, but have also limits that are difficult to understand by people used to the flexibility of desktop text processors. With time, you will get used to those limits, and will be able to properly produce quality text that works for the Internet. Don't complain that much with your web developer if things don't work as you would have expected. Try to understand the technical restrictions. You will have an enjoyable writing experience in this way.

The ENTER key

The first thing you should know about editing the text is the usage of the keyboard key ENTER or in some computers called RETURN. If you press the key the editor will create a new paragraph. You can also use ENTER with a combination with the SHIFT key. Pressing the SHIFT+ENTER keys simultaneously will just break the line in the same paragraph. However you must notice that the usage of the key is predefined by the programs developer so it could have different options. If you are not sure how the ENTER key action is defined contact your system administrator to resolve the problem.


As you know the BACKSPACE key is used for deleting mistakes, whole words or whole text. To make it easier their you can use a combination of CTRL and BACKSPACE keys. If you press them at the same time you will erase the whole word which was before the cursor.

See also

See Keyboard Keystrokes for a list of key combinations and shortcuts.

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