Creating Lists

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Creating a list is a very easy and intuitive issue. FCKeditor offers two kinds of lists.

Numbered Lists


To create and numbered list press Insertorderedlist.gifon the toolbar. The text which was beside your cursor will automatically gain number one on the list.



If you want to set another number below just press ENTER and the next number will appear



You may also highlight the lines you want to be numbered and than press Insertorderedlist.gif.

If you want to stop Numbered Listing just press the Insertorderedlist.gif button again. The function will deactivate.


If you want to change the list properties press your right mouse button any place inside your list. A context menu will appear:


Choose Numbered list Properties.A popup window called "Umbered List Properties" will appear:


  • Start: the number which you'll put in to this field will determine from which number your list will stat.
  • Type: you may choose from several options regarding what type of listing you want to use, for example Large Roman Numerals.

Bulletted Lists


It works exactly like the Numbered List but instead of numbers you have dots. To activate/deactivate this function pressInsertunorderedlist.gif.




If you want to change the list properties press you right mouse button any place inside your list.A context menu will appear:


Choose Bulleted List Properties. A popup window called "Bulleted List Properties" will appear:


  • Type: you may select the type of the dots you use in your list.
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