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Licensed under the terms of any of the following licenses at your choice:

You are not required to, but if you want to explicitly declare the license you have chosen to be bound to when using, reproducing, modifying and distributing this software, just include a text file titled "legal.txt" in your version of this software, indicating your license choice. In any case, your choice will not restrict any recipient of your version of this software to use, reproduce, modify and distribute this software under any of the above licenses.

Key Concepts

The key concepts of the LGPL license are:

  • You have all rights to execute the program for any need.
  • You have all rights to study and modify the program to your needs.
  • You have all rights to distribute copies of the original packages to help people.
  • You have all rights to develop the library an make it better. You must publish your changes under the LGPL license.
  • You must not change or remove any copyright and notices and disclaimer of warranty from the original files.
  • Programs that use or link this library can be licensed under terms of your choice, including proprietary, commercial, software.
  • If you copy or distribute the library, you must accompany it with the complete corresponding machine-readable source code or with a written offer, valid for at least three years, to furnish the complete corresponding machine-readable source code. You need not provide source code to programs which link to the library


All files distributed by the project are copyright Frederico Caldeira Knabben, except when explicitely indicated.

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