Custom File Browser

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Custom File Browser

To replace the default image file browser with, for instance a custom image gallery, edit the fckconfig.js or your custom Configuration File and set (for example):

FCKConfig.ImageBrowserURL = '/myfilebrowserpath/browser.php' ;

Function SetUrl

When a file is selected on your custom File Browser implementation, you must simply call the "SetUrl" JavaScript function in the window.opener (the FCKeditor dialog that opened the File Browser), passing the URL of the file.

A very simple implementation (with no server side integration) could be something like this:

<title>My File Browser</title>
<script type="text/javascript">

function SelectFile( fileUrl )
// window.opener.SetUrl( url, width, height, alt);
window.opener.SetUrl( fileUrl ) ;
window.close() ;
<a href="javascript:SelectFile('File1.jpg');">File 1</a><br />
<a href="javascript:SelectFile('File2.jpg');">File 2</a>


If your custom browser handles uploading of images, flash objects or links in a radically different way you might want to remember to change the standard image,flash and links uploading tab in fckconfig.js file or in you custom Configuration File.


  • Images
    FCKConfig.ImageUploadURL = '/your_file_browser_directory/upload.php'
  • Flash objects
    FCKConfig.FlashUploadURL = '/your_file_browser_directory/upload.php'
  • Links
    FCKConfig.LinkUploadURL = '/your_file_browser_directory/upload.php'

NOTE: For all the information about the functions written in the example view: ImageUploadURL,FlashUploadURL and LinkUploadURL configuration options.

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