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Spell Checker Configuration

FCKeditor comes with built-in integration with two spell checkers: ieSpell and Speller Pages. Here you will find information about these spell checkers and how to configure them.


As the name says, ieSpell is an extension for Internet Explorer that does spell checking at the client side. It is quite simple and efficient, but it runs on IE/Windows only.

To use ieSpell just set the following configuration in fckconfig.js or in your own Configuration File:

FCKConfig.SpellChecker = 'ieSpell' ;

The first time a user runs the Spell Checker, he/she will be automatically informed that ieSpell is not installed and will be redirected to the download URL (the URL can also be configured using IeSpellDownloadUrl option).

When running FCKeditor with ieSpell with non-IE browsers, the "Check Spell" button will be automatically disabled.

NOTE: ieSpell is free for personal use. Commercial licenses are available for very low prices. For more info about ieSpell, its licensing, configurations and more, go to http://www.iespell.com/.

Speller Pages

Speller Pages is a free, Open Source, server side spell checker that uses the powerful GNU Aspell engine for the hard work. This should be the preferred spell checker, but it requires some server side configuration (this is why it is not set as the default one).

To use Speller Pages just set the following configuration in fckconfig.js or in your own Configuration File:

FCKConfig.SpellChecker = 'SpellerPages' ;

FCKeditor uses a customized version of Speller Pages, so any specific configuration must be done in the files found at: editor/dialog/fck_spellerpages/spellerpages. All changed lines have been marked with a "by FredCK" comment.

The files included in the package are set to run over Windows with PHP. Useful information about Windows configuration can be found here: Installation Instructions.

If the server is not Windows just go to to the spellerpages/server-scripts directory, locate the appropriate file and adjust the var that holds the path to the aspell binary.

For more info about Speller Pages, its licensing, installation, configuration and more, go to http://spellerpages.sourceforge.net/.

Configuration options

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