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With this setting, you can define a set of characters which will be translated to their relative numeric entities in the output HTML. This is quite useful if you don't want single quotes (') to be inserted in the text (being transformed to ′):

FCKConfig.AdditionalNumericEntities = "'" ;

This is a "regular expression" like setting where matches must return only one character. So if you want to set a list of chars, you can separate them by a pipe (|). For example: you want to transform ', >, < and + to their numeric entities:

FCKConfig.AdditionalNumericEntities = "'|>|<|\\+" ;

NOTE: that the plus sign has been escaped with double backslashes because it is a special character in regular expressions.

Being it a regular expression, it gives you the flexibility to make complex selection of characters.


  • Everything that is not a space, a ASCII or a Cyrillic char.
FCKConfig.AdditionalNumericEntities = "[^ A-z\\u0410-\\u044F]" ;
  • Single quotes, numbers and capitalized letters.
FCKConfig.AdditionalNumericEntities = "'|[0-9A-Z]" ;
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