Server Side Integration

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Note: This information is intented for programmers interested in modifying the CKFinder core.
If you are interested in installing/configuring CFKinder, please take a look at the Developer's Guide.

CKFinder is an Ajax application where the front end is completely written in JavaScript, which communicates to the server through XML messages. In the server side, there is a “connector”, written in a specific server language, which handles the front end requests. The following graphic illustrates it:


The following tasks must be accomplished by the Connector:

  • Receive CKFinder requests.
  • Manage operations in the File System, like folder and files creations and listings.
  • Build the XML response in the right format and syntax.
  • Receive and handle file uploads from the File Browser.
  • Generate image thumbnails.
  • Handle ACL settings.
  • All requests must take in consideration the settings defined in the config file. All config files should be unified.

This document contains the overall specifications for the development of the connector for CKFinder.

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