Using CKFinder Plugins

This website contains links to software which is either no longer maintained or will be supported only until the end of 2019 (CKFinder 2). For the latest documentation about current CKSource projects, including software like CKEditor 4/CKEditor 5, CKFinder 3, Cloud Services, Letters, Accessibility Checker, please visit the new documentation website.

If you look for an information about very old versions of CKEditor, FCKeditor and CKFinder check also the CKEditor forum, which was closed in 2015. If not, please head to StackOverflow for support.

CKFinder is a plugin-based application and as such it can be extended relatively easily.

Enabling JavaScript Plugins

To add a plugin to CKFinder, upload it to the plugins folder and enable it by using the extraPlugins configuration option in the config.js file:

CKFinder.customConfig = function( config )
	config.extraPlugins = 'dummy';

Enabling Java Plugins

To add a plugin to CKFinder, upload its .jar file to the WEB-INF/lib folder and add it to the <plugins> element in the XML configuration file (config.xml).

Each plugin is added as a separate <plugin> element, with <name>, <class>, and <params> parameters set accordingly.

			<param name="smallThumb" value="90x90"></param>
			<param name="mediumThumb" value="120x120"></param> 
			<param name="largeThumb" value="180x180"></param>

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