Using CKFinder Plugins

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CKFinder is a plugin-based application and as such it can be extended relatively easily.

Enabling JavaScript Plugins

To add a plugin to CKFinder, upload it to the plugins folder and enable it by using the extraPlugins configuration option in the config.js file:

CKFinder.customConfig = function( config )
	config.extraPlugins = 'dummy';

Enabling Java Plugins

To add a plugin to CKFinder, upload its .jar file to the WEB-INF/lib folder and add it to the <plugins> element in the XML configuration file (config.xml).

Each plugin is added as a separate <plugin> element, with <name>, <class>, and <params> parameters set accordingly.

			<param name="smallThumb" value="90x90"></param>
			<param name="mediumThumb" value="120x120"></param> 
			<param name="largeThumb" value="180x180"></param>

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