ASP.NET Integration

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ASP.NET integration

The ASP.NET integration method might be useful if you haven't worked with JavaScript before or the JavaScript integration seems to be too complicated.

Step1: Register an Assembly

Register an Assembly at the top of your ASP.NET source page:

<%@ Register Assembly="CKFinder" Namespace="CKFinder" TagPrefix="CKFinder" %>

Step2: Add CKFinder tag

Add the CKFinder tag inside the <body> element.

Supposing that you have installed CKFinder at the "ckfinder" directory at the root of your web site, here you have an example:

<CKFinder:FileBrowser ID="FileBrowser1" BasePath="/ckfinder/" Width="800" runat="server"></CKFinder:FileBrowser>

For a full working examples please refer to the "_samples" directory. Note that you must copy the CKFinder.dll file to your "bin" directory or make a reference to it in your Visual Studio project.


The following properties are available in the CKFinder object:

  • BasePath - The URL path for the installation folder of CKFinder. Default value: "/ckfinder/".
  • Width - The CKFinder width (for example: 600, '80%'). Default value: "100%".
  • Height - The CKFinder height (for example: 500, '100%'). Default value: 400.
  • SelectFunction - An optional function to be called when the user selects a file in CKFinder.
  • SelectFunctionData - An optional argument of type string that will be passed to the "SelectFunction". Please refer to the js/popups.html file for a usage example.
  • SelectThumbnailFunction - An optional function to be called when the user selects a thumbnail in CKFinder. Default value: "SelectFunction" (if "SelectFunction" is set).
  • SelectThumbnailFunctionData - An optional argument of type string that will be passed to the "SelectThumbnailFunction".
  • DisableThumbnailSelection - If set to true, "Select thumbnail" item will not appear in the context menu. Default value: false.
  • ResourceType - Resource type to display. By default CKFinder displays all available resource types. If ResourceType property is set, CKFinder will display only specified resource type (e.g. "Files", "Images").
  • StartupPath - Resource Type and the name of the startup folder, separated with a colon (for example: "Files:/", "Images:/cars/"). If defined, CKFinder will open the selected folder automatically.
  • StartupFolderExpanded - Used only when "StartupPath" is set. If set to true, the initial folder will be opened automatically on startup.
  • RememberLastFolder - If set to true, CKFinder will remember the last used folder in a cookie. In some cases, it may be required to store the name of last used folder in separate cookies for different CKFinder instances, in such case, assign the "Id" property (explained below). Default value: true.
  • Id - Used to identify the CKFinder object, optional. If set, the "Id" variable will be passed to the server connector on each request. When "RememberLastFolder" is enabled and the "Id" is set, CKFinder will remember the last directory in a separate cookie.
  • ClassName - The name of the CSS class rule assigned to the CKFinder frame. Default value: "CKFinderFrame".

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