Repairing CKEditor for SharePoint 2007

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If for any reason whatsoever your CKEditor for SharePoint installation becomes broken, you can repair it by using the setup wizard. Use your installation package or download a new copy from the product website, unpack the archive, and run the Setup.exe file.

Important note: To repair CKEditor for SharePoint, the following prerequisites must be met:

  • You must be the SharePoint Farm Administrator.
  • The following Microsoft Windows services must be running:
    • Windows SharePoint Services Administration service
    • Windows SharePoint Services Timer service
  • CKEditor for SharePoint must already be installed.

After you run the Setup.exe file, the CKEditor for SharePoint setup wizard will open. It will guide you through the repair process.

CKEditor for SharePoint 2007 setup wizard welcome screen

If you are ready to begin the repair process, click the Next button. If you want to cancel the repair process at any time, click the Abort button.

Before the package is repaired, a system check must be run to confirm that the repair prerequisites are met.

CKEditor for SharePoint 2007 setup wizard system check

If all checks succeed, you will be able to proceed to the next repair step.

If an installation of CKEditor for SharePoint is detected, the Repair or Remove screen lets you choose between the "Repair" and "Remove" scenarios.

CKEditor for SharePoint 2007 setup wizard repair option

Choose the Repair option and proceed to the next step.

The progress of the repair process will be displayed in the Repairing screen.

CKEditor for SharePoint 2007 setup wizard repairing progress

When the repair process is completed, you can click the Next button in order to view more details.

CKEditor for SharePoint 2007 setup wizard repair success

The details screen shows you a summary of all actions performed by the setup wizard.

CKEditor for SharePoint 2007 setup wizard repair details

You can now close the setup wizard by clicking the Close button. Your CKEditor for SharePoint is ready to use.

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