CKEditor for Joomla! Upgrade

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The latest CKEditor is the greatest CKEditor. This is why it makes sense to always keep your CKEditor for Joomla! extension up to date. The upgrade process, however, is really quick and painless. All your settings and custom configuration options will be preserved, so you do not need to worry about the changes to the default configuration that you introduced.

Follow the steps below to upgrade your CKEditor for Joomla! component to the latest version.

Step 1: Download

Download the latest installation package from the official CKEditor for Joomla! site and save it on your local computer or a directory on your server. Alternatively, you can skip the download step and use the Install from URL option described in Step 3 below.

Step 2: Extension Manager

Enter the Administration section of your Joomla! website and open the Extension Manager.

Joomla! Administration section with the Extension Manager

Step 3: Upload

The Extension Manager section lists three methods to install CKEditor for Joomla!. You can either upload the updated file from your local computer, install it from the directory on your server, or point to the installation package URL.

Joomla! Extension Manager

In order to upgrade from the local computer, go to the Upload Package File section and browse your local disk for the downloaded and updated CKEditor for Joomla! package file. Press the Upload & Install button to send the package to your server and install it automatically.

If the updated CKEditor for Joomla! package has already been uploaded to your server, go to the Install from Directory section and give the install directory that contains the package. Please note that the package must be unpacked. Press the Install button to install it automatically.

You can also point Joomla! to a URL of the updated CKEditor for Joomla! package. Go to the Install from URL section and enter the URL of the installation package. Press the Install button to install it automatically.

Step 4: Automatic Upgrade

When you press the appropriate button, the CKEditor for Joomla! package will be automatically upgraded. On successful upgrade a confirmation message will be displayed.

CKEditor for Joomla! successfully installed

You can now use the latest CKEditor version with your previously configured settings on your Joomla! website.

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