Text Styling

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Text styling determines the way your text will look in the document. Advanced capabilities in setting text format is what distinguishes CKEditor from a standard form textarea or a basic editor. Font styling, changing the size of the text and its color, or applying a pre-defined set of consistent styles, all take seconds and one mouse click.

In CKEditor the text styling features are grouped together on the toolbar. Some are simple buttons that turn the style on and off when you click them.

Text styling buttons grouped on CKEditor toolbar.

Other text styling options are available as a drop-down list. Upon clicking them the list opens, and you can select a styling option.

Text styling drop-down lists on CKEditor toolbar.

Try experimenting with various text styling options available in CKEditor to achieve a unique presentation of your documents. Among the styling features you will find:

  • Font Name – typeface that will be applied to the document text.
  • Font Size – determines how big or small the text will be.
  • Bold, Italic, Underline, and Strike-through – add bold, italic, underline and strike-through formatting to a text fragment.
  • Text Color – changes the color of the document text.
  • Background Color – changes the color of the text background.
  • Subscript and Superscript – text with subscript and superscript formatting is smaller and placed below or above the baseline, respectively.
  • Formatting Styles – pre-defined sets of formatting features that can be applied to block and inline elements of the document.
  • Paragraph Format – pre-defined sets of formatting features that can be applied to block-level elements only.

To read more about a particular CKEditor text styling option and see some usage examples, click the name of the feature in the list above.

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