Template:Ckfinder 2.x Thumbnail Description

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  • maxWidth and maxHeight – determine the maximum size of the thumbnails which can appear in CKFinder. These values are defined in pixels. You can obviously increase them, but the thumbnails will then look more like full-sized images than like miniatures.
  • quality – sets the quality of a thumbnail in a range from 1 to 100. The smaller the quality value, the smaller the size of the thumbnail. Notice that an acceptable quality value is about 45 and the most frequently used one is about 80.
  • directAccess – this setting may increase the overall performance of CKFinder. By default, CKFinder connects to the server connector to get the thumbnail. It is not a problem in most cases, because the connector sends the HTTP/304 Not Modified header most of the time to save the traffic and reduce server-side processing. However, sometimes it is better to leave cache control to the browser. When directAccess is set to true, thumbnails are loaded directly from the _thumbs folder by CKFinder. Note that it is impossible to use this setting, if the thumbnail directory is located outside the document root.
  • You may disable thumbnails by placing the bool value false in the enabled section.
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