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CKEditor for Drupal module can be unistalled at any time by using the Drupal administration panel. Follow the steps described below to remove CKEditor from your Drupal website.
* Go to the '''Administration panel''' > '''Modules''' > '''User interface'''.
* Deselect the '''Enabled''' checkbox next to '''CKEditor''' module name. Click the '''Save Configuration''' button to disable the editor.
* Go to the '''Uninstall''' tab of the '''Modules''' page. The CKEditor module should now be available to uninstall.
[[Image:Drupal_uninstallation.png|frame|center|Uninstalling CKEditor for Drupal]]
* Select the '''Uninstall''' checkbox next to the module name and click the '''Uninstall''' button. CKEditor for Drupal will now be removed from your Drupal site.
<note>Please note that the uninstallation process removes the CKEditor for Drupal module along with all its database tables and settings. It does not, however, remove the module files. If you want to remove the files completely from your server, you will need to delete them manually from the <code>drupal/sites/all/modules/ckeditor</code> directory.
If you do not want to delete the module files and its configuration, you can simply disable the module. In this way you will turn CKEditor off for your Drupal website, but will preserve the editor settings, making it easier to turn it on again if you wish to do so in the future.</note>

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