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[http://ckeditor.com/ckeditor-for-drupal CKEditor for Drupal] is a unique solution that integrates the most popular online editor in the world into [http://drupal.org Drupal] content management system. The module adds a full-featured and customizable WYSIWYG editor that also includes an advanced file browser, [http://ckfinder.com/ CKFinder].
This is how your Drupal installation can benefit from adding CKEditor:
* End users will become much '''[http://ckeditor.com/end-user-features more productive]''', and at the same time they will have more fun.
* Administrators will keep '''full control''' over the editing experience.
* Site content created in the editor will be '''standards-compliant'''.
* You will gain access to the first choice solution of '''[http://ckeditor.com/who-is-using-ckeditor top IT companies]''' around the world.
=== Main Features ===
This is what the CKEditor for Drupal solution is all about:
* Compatible with '''Drupal 6 and 7'''.
* Easy to [[CKEditor_for_Drupal/Installation|install]] and [[CKEditor_for_Drupal/Upgrade|upgrade]] using Drupal administration pages.
* [[CKEditor_for_Drupal/Configuration|Configuration]] integrated into the administration pages of Drupal.
* Dedicated '''support''' is included.
* Integration with CKFinder, an advanced '''file browser''' and uploader.
* Simple drag and drop '''toolbar customization'''.
* Editor functionality can be extended with dedicated modules, like [http://drupal.org/project/ckeditor_link CKEditor Link] or [http://drupal.org/project/ckeditor_swf CKEditor SWF].
* CKEditor '''[[CKEditor_for_Drupal/Plugins|plugins]]''' can be added at no cost.
* Always '''up-to-date with the latest CKEditor''' release that includes:
** Support for the powerful '''Paste from Word''' feature.
** Fully configurable and '''robust styling system'''.
** Top '''quality XHTML output''' generation.
** '''Full  (and usable) accessibility''' support for the entire interface.
** '''Compatibility''' with Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Chrome, and Opera.
** [http://ckeditor.com ... and much more!]

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