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The CKEditor for Drupal license covers both your editor usage and includes a CKFinder license. Until you enter your licensing data, CKFinder will run in the demonstration mode and a license reminder will be displayed for the CKEditor module.
Each CKEditor for Drupal license is valid for a particular website ('''Website''' license) or all websites owned or produced by you ('''Corporate Websites''' license). Once you [ choose a suitable license type] and conclude your purchase, a license name and key will be sent to you by e-mail.
Go to the '''Administration panel''' > '''Configuration''' > '''Content Authoring''' > '''CKEditor''' > '''Global settings''' section and edit the '''CKEditor Global Profile'''. The '''CKEditor Global Profile''' page that will open contains a reminder that the CKEditor for Drupal module runs in an unlicensed mode.
[[Image:Drupal_unlicensed.png|frame|center|CKEditor Global Profile page with license reminder]]
You should now go to the '''License Information''' section and enter your data into the '''License name''' and '''License key''' fields. This will unlock the module, remove the license reminder and disable the demonstration mode in CKFinder.
[[Image:Drupal_licensed.png|frame|center|CKEditor Global Profile page with license data added]]
You can now use the CKEditor for Drupal module in its full potential.
<note>Please note that your CKEditor for Drupal license already includes a CKFinder license. You do not need to purchase a separate CKFinder license nor enter any additional CKFinder credentials anywhere.</note>

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