Editing Area

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What is it?

The Editing Area is the empty space below the editor toolbar where you type your text. All formatting applied using the toolbar buttons as well as all inserted media appear immediately in this area.

This is what the editing area looks like after you type some basic text:

The editing area
The CKEditor editing area

If the document contents span beyond the limits of the editing area, a standard scrollbar will appear. To view the text that exceeds the size of the editing area you can either scroll it using the scrollbar or maximize the editor in the browser window using the Maximize button.

Navigating the editing area

To make moving around the text easier CKEditor allows you to use the keyboard.

Page Up and Page Down let you jump up and down the text. The Home and End keys can be used to go to the beginning and end of line, respectively, or combined with the Ctrl key - to the beginning and end of the document. You can also move inside the text using the Arrow keys.

Text selection

The text in the editing area can be selected (highlighted) using the mouse or keyboard. In order to select the text click the left mouse button and hold it, dragging it over the desired part of the document. You can also select words by double-clicking them.

Using Shift+Arrow lets you select the text by letters and the Ctrl+Shift+Arrow — by words.

The Shift+Home combination selects the text from the cursor to the start of the current line, while the Shift+End — from the cursor to the end of the current line.

The combination of Ctrl+Shift and the Home or End keys let you select the text from the cursor to the beginning or end of the document, respectively.

To quickly select the whole content of the editing area, use the Ctrl+A keyboard shortcut.