Configuration Settings Mapping Between FCKeditor and CKEditor

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CKEditor 3.x is a new version of our previous editor, known as FCKeditor 2.x. The 3.x line brought about not only a name change, but also a complete rewrite of the product, including major changes in its architecture. To make upgrading existing customizations easier, the table below lists the mappings between the configuration settings of CKEditor and its predecessor.

Configuration Settings
FCKeditor CKEditor Notes
AdditionalNumericEntities entities_additional
AllowQueryStringDebug Not ported.
AutoDetectLanguage Always auto detecting unless the language configuration was specified. Falls back to defaultLanguage.
AutoDetectPasteFromWord Always auto detecting, unless the plugin is removed. Alternative: pasteFromWordPromptCleanup.
BaseHref baseHref
BodyClass bodyClass
BodyId bodyId
BrowserContextMenuOnCtrl browserContextMenuOnCtrl
CleanWordKeepsStructure Mapped to: pasteFromWordCleanupFile, pasteFromWordNumberedHeadingToList, pasteFromWordRemoveFontStyles, and pasteFromWordRemoveStyles.
ContentLangDirection contentsLangDirection
ContextMenu menu_groups
CoreStyles stylesSet
CustomConfigurationsPath customConfig
CustomStyles stylesSet
Debug Not ported.
DefaultFontFormatLabel Uses the label defined in the language file.
DefaultFontLabel font_defaultLabel
DefaultFontSizeLabel fontSize_defaultLabel
DefaultLanguage defaultLanguage
DefaultLinkTarget Use dialog window definition instead.
DefaultStyleLabel Uses the label defined in the language file.
DisableFFTableHandles disableNativeTableHandles
DisableObjectResizing disableObjectResizing
DocType docType
EMailProtection emailProtection
EMailProtectionFunction emailProtection
EditorAreaCSS contentsCss
EditorAreaStyles contentsCss
EnableMoreFontColors colorButton_enableMore
EnterMode enterMode
FillEmptyBlocks fillEmptyBlocks
FirefoxSpellChecker Not ported. Check disableNativeSpellChecker.
FlashBrowser If the URL is specified.
FlashBrowserURL filebrowserFlashBrowseUrl
FlashBrowserWindowHeight filebrowserFlashWindowWidth
FlashBrowserWindowWidth filebrowserFlashWindowHeight
FlashDlgHideAdvanced Use dialog window definition or config.removeDialogTabs = 'flash:advanced' instead.
FlashUpload If the URL is specified.
FlashUploadAllowedExtensions Not ported.
FlashUploadDeniedExtensions Not ported.
FlashUploadURL filebrowserFlashUploadUrl
FloatingPanelsZIndex baseFloatZIndex
FontColors colorButton_colors
FontFormats format_tags
FontNames font_names
FontSizes fontSize_sizes
ForcePasteAsPlainText forcePasteAsPlainText
ForceSimpleAmpersand forceSimpleAmpersand
FormatIndentator Use dataprocessor.
FormatOutput Use dataprocessor.
FormatSource Use dataprocessor.
FullPage fullPage
HtmlEncodeOutput htmlEncodeOutput
IeSpellDownloadUrl Not ported.
IgnoreEmptyParagraphValue ignoreEmptyParagraph
ImageBrowser If the URL is specified.
ImageBrowserURL filebrowserImageBrowseUrl
ImageBrowserWindowHeight filebrowserImageWindowHeight
ImageBrowserWindowWidth filebrowserImageWindowWidth
ImageDlgHideAdvanced Use dialog window definition or config.removeDialogTabs = 'image:advanced' instead.
ImageDlgHideLink Use dialog window definition or config.removeDialogTabs = 'image:Link' instead.
ImageUpload If the URL is specified.
ImageUploadAllowedExtensions Not ported.
ImageUploadDeniedExtensions Not ported.
ImageUploadURL filebrowserImageUploadUrl
IncludeGreekEntities entities_greek
IncludeLatinEntities entities_latin
IndentClasses indentClasses
IndentLength indentOffset
IndentUnit indentUnit
JustifyClasses justifyClasses
Keystrokes keystrokes
LinkBrowser If the URL is specified.
LinkBrowserURL filebrowserLinkBrowseUrl
LinkBrowserWindowHeight filebrowserLinkWindowWidth
LinkBrowserWindowWidth filebrowserLinkWindowHeight
LinkDlgHideAdvanced Use dialog window definition or config.removeDialogTabs = 'link:advanced' instead.
LinkDlgHideTarget Use dialog window definition or config.removeDialogTabs = 'link:target' instead.
LinkUpload If the URL is specified.
LinkUploadAllowedExtensions Not ported.
LinkUploadDeniedExtensions Not ported.
LinkUploadURL filebrowserLinkUploadUrl
MaxUndoLevels undoStackSize
MsWebBrowserControlCompat Not ported.
Plugins.Add extraPlugins
PluginsPath Not ported.
PreloadImages Not ported.
PreserveSessionOnFileBrowser Not ported.
ProcessHTMLEntities entities
ProcessNumericEntities entities_processNumerical
ProtectedSource.Add protectedSource
ProtectedTags Use protectedSource instead.
RemoveAttributes removeFormatAttributes
RemoveFormatTags removeFormatTags
ScaytAutoStartup scayt_autoStartup
ShiftEnterMode shiftEnterMode
ShowBorders startupShowBorders
ShowDropDialog Will be opened automatically when it is impossible to get the clipboard text programmatically.
SkinPath skin Defaults to basedirectory/skin/name.
SmileyColumns smiley_columns
SmileyImages smiley_images
SmileyPath smiley_path
SmileyWindowHeight Use dialog window definition instead.
SmileyWindowWidth Use dialog window definition instead.
SourcePopup Not ported.
SpellChecker Depends on which plugin(s) is/are loaded.
SpellerPagesServerScript Not ported.
StartupFocus startupFocus
StartupShowBlocks startupOutlineBlocks
StylesXmlPath Not ported.
TabSpaces tabSpaces
TemplateReplaceAll templates_replaceContent
TemplateReplaceCheckbox templates_replaceContent Use dialog window definition instead.
TemplatesXmlPath Not ported. Refer to the Templates article.
ToolbarCanCollapse toolbarCanCollapse
ToolbarComboPreviewCSS contentsCss Use in conjuction with cke_format and cke_styles classes that are appended to the html tag of an iframe.
ToolbarLocation toolbarLocation
ToolbarSets toolbar
ToolbarStartExpanded toolbarStartupExpanded
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