IBM Web Accessibility Checklist

This website contains links to software which is either no longer maintained or will be supported only until the end of 2019 (CKFinder 2). For the latest documentation about current CKSource projects, including software like CKEditor 4/CKEditor 5, CKFinder 3, Cloud Services, Letters, Accessibility Checker, please visit the new documentation website.

If you look for an information about very old versions of CKEditor, FCKeditor and CKFinder check also the CKEditor forum, which was closed in 2015. If not, please head to StackOverflow for support.

The complete checklist with developer guidelines can be found at IBM's website.

Checkpoint Yes/No/Planned/NA Comments
1. Images and animations Yes Important images such as toolbar icons are readable in screenreaders. Less important images such as object placeholders and infrequently used smiley icons are given alt="".
2. Image maps NA There are no image maps in the editor.
3. Graphs and charts NA There are no graphs and charts in the editor.
4. Multimedia NA There are no video or audio contents in the editor.
5. Scripts Yes Most or all functions in the editor are accessible from keyboard.
6. Applets, plugins and non-HTML content NA There is no content requiring plugins or applets in the editor UI.
7. Forms Yes The editor is designed to let screenreaders read out its name.
8. Skip to main content Yes Pressing tab and shift-tab to change focus to the editor from outside will put the focus directly into the editing area, instead of other focusable elements of the editor (e.g. toolbar buttons).
9. Frames Yes IFrames in the editor, such as the WYSIWYG editing area and combo boxes, are given screenreader accessible labels.
10. Table headers NA There are no data tables in the editor UI.Tables are used for layout purpose only.
11. Cascading style sheets Yes The editor and its dialogs are still usable without cascading style sheets. Toolbar buttons appear as textual links without CSS.
12. Color and contrast Yes Toolbar buttons will appear as textual buttons in Windows high contrast mode. Selection of text and background colors is still possible with textual labels in the color selection panels.
13. Blinking, moving or flickering content Yes There are no blinking or flickering contents in the editor. Moveable UI elements such as dialogs can only be moved in a smooth fashion by the user.
14. Timed responses NA There are no time outs in UI elements of the editor.
15. Text-only page Yes An equivalent text-only page with a <textarea> element can be created by not activating CKEditor's replace API, if JavaScript is not an option.
16. Verify accessibility Yes
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